Yuit works to connect

Over the years, Yuit has encountered many Corporations
and held dialogue with luminaries in various areas of Education.
Based on this experience, Nagano, is seeking to realize the potential of Locality,
starting with the Shinshu Nagano area.

In the future, we intend to create new horizons through
the connection of different spheres. For example,
using our knowledge from collaborations with businesses in the area
of Education and putting our experience of Branding and Management
in the business world to good use in the revitalization of Locality.

Through this borderless Fusion, we expect to create a new kind of Harmony.
Through a continuation of Fusion, transcending business,
academia and regional stereotypes,
we believe we will discover new opportunities and as each is realized,
a global presence will be forged.

This is more than building castles in the sky.
The finest ideas and products spring from a meeting of minds
and are nurtured through the integration of imagination and passion.

Yuit branding

Brand-building cannot be achieved through a single medium alone –
just through the provision of SP tools, for instance.
First of all, we turn our attention to the core concept and then in order to manifest it,
we examine it from every possible angle. Unity is only achieved when a 360-degree development is reached,
and it is then that a logical brand narrative can be actualized.
Countless elements contribute to the building of a brand and as each effectively serves its function,
synergy creates a strong brand.

Branding work process

At Yuit, we seamlessly combine strategy with design in order to create a brand value that brims with originality.
Much thought is put into the selection of colors and shapes, the messages conveyed and customer touchpoints.
In order to achieve ever more efficient and accurate business development,
we have devised our own unique strategy and brand design development.
While paying close attention to originality,
we never lose sight of the customer in the heightening of a brand’s added value.

  • Phase 1 Discovery

    Survey · Research · Analysis

    Brand Audit

    ・Brand Fact Finding ・Analysis ・Report

    Market Research

    ・Market Research ・Analysis ・Report

    Extraction of Issues and Advantage

    Gauging the current state of brand management and bringing issues and advantage to light.

  • Phase 2 Definition

    Drawing up Strategies

    Planning Strategies

    ・Systemization ・Development of Concepts ・Setting of Positions

    Strategies that Contribute to Brand-Building

    Defining the direction of concepts that form the brand uncleus.

  • Phase 3 Development


    Identity Development

    ・Naming Development ・Statement Development ・VI Development

    Various Design Development

    ・Application Development ・Package Development ・WEB Development ・Venue Development, etc.

    Identity Building and Visualization

    In order to convey the brand internally and externally, we strategically undertake the visualization of the brand.

  • Phase 4 Diffusion

    Diffusion and Communization


    ・PR Development ・Event Development ・Advertising Development etc.


    ・Brand Seminars, etc.

    Heightening Brand Awareness and Diffusion

    We pay close attention to broadening brand awareness and diffusion through the employment of various creations.